Hello, I'm Vanessa

So a little bit about me...

I am originally from Manchester and I am a photographer, filmmaker and actor.I grew up in Australia, love roast dinners and I am an expert at making margaritas- its all about the infused sugar syrup. I have a sassy daughter and a one eyed Persian cat called Jasper who thinks he's a dog.

I started acting professionally as teenager, appearing in 60's police drama 'Heartbeat' for 4 years before joining the cast of 'Waterloo Road' and more recently I starred in Coronation Street. Alongside my acting I inherited my grandfathers passion for photographer and lucky for me- his old film camera and haven't looked back.

I LOVE people and I LOVE taking photos of people. I tend to get very excited when doing so. My husband always says I fall in love with everyone's face who sits for me....it's totally true.

In 2009 I established Vanessa Valentine Photography specialising in Actors Headshots . Being an actor I understand how important your headshot is. It is your passport for opening closed doors in an oversubscribed industry. I pride myself on taking headshots that look actually like you-on a really great day. I work from home, indoors with natural light.