Hi, I’m Vanessa, a London based Photographer specialising in Portraiture and Actors Headshots.

I’ve been a working Actress for over 15 years so understand the importance of a great Headshot-  It is your primary passport in the industry and can open or close doors.

I established Vanessa Valentine Photography in 2009. The biggest compliment I receive time and again from agents and casting directors is that my shots actually looks like the actor – you wouldn’t believe how many people look nothing like their headshot!I I pride myself on taking honest, real photos that capture your unique individuality and  all my sessions are relaxed and totally directed and focused towards getting you the best photograph possible.

  Alongside photographing performers and families I also work with professionals. Photography is more crucial to the promotion of business than it has ever been, as the power of visual communication has rocketed with the rise of digital and social media. It can also be beneficial to have a good, professional photograph of yourself so your potential customers can see the face behind the business, making it more personal.

Please take a look at my portfolio and if you have any questions I would love to hear from you.